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How Much Does a Hamster Ball Cost?

Hamsters are curious animals that need lot of toys to keep them occupied. Even the culturally accepted meaning of a hamster wheel as a way to just get rid of energy and going nowhere comes from our furry friends.

And behind wheels, the second most common toy is a ball, which lets your hamster explore their surroundings in a safe way. So let’s talk about hamster balls in this article, but first let’s cover their cost.

Hamster balls cost anywhere between $8 and $20 depending on the size, materials, features, colors, and more. You can get them online at Amazon or in-store at any big box pet store.

But that’s not all you need to know. Here a few other key takeaways before we get into the rest of the article.

Key Takeaways

  • Hamster balls cost between $8 and $20 depending on the features and where you purchase it
  • You can buy hamster balls anywhere you can buy pet toys, such as Amazon, PetCo, or PetSmart
  • The size of the ball should depend on the size of your hamster, between 5 and 12 inches

Here’s what we’re going to cover in this article:

Table of Contents

    Let’s talk about where you can buy hamster balls because you have a few different options.

    Where to Buy Hamster Balls

    Generally you can purchase hamster balls wherever you purchase the rest of your pet supplies, including bedding, food, and even other toys. Those places are either online, like Amazon, or in-store like PetSmart.


    If you decide to purchase a hamster ball online, you’ll get the benefit of convenience and generally better prices. Because companies like Amazon don’t have to pay for all the expensive real estate like big box stores, you can generally find better deals.

    However, there’s a trade off. You can’t see the ball before you get it and size is very important. If the ball is too big, your hamster won’t be able to push it around. And conversely if it’s too small, they may feel cramped and become stressed out.

    Here a few of the top-rated hamster balls on Amazon:

    So if you do decide to purchase online at Amazon or any other online pet store, ensure you have done your research on the right size ball. We cover that in a further section below.

    Where to buy a hamster ball


    If you don’t want to buy online or you want to check out the different options in-person, then in-store is the right option. There are tons of pet stores nearly everywhere, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a PetSmart, PetCo, or smaller local pet store.

    The benefits of purchasing in-store is that you can check out all the different options and be able to “eyeball” the right size hamster ball for your furry friend.

    Here are a few products from PetSmart and PetCo:

    The downside is that the options are generally more limited than online, especially when it comes to features or specific colors. However, stores generally have the ability to order anything you find on their website to be picked up in-store, but then it’s no different than ordering online.

    Factors that Affect Hamster Ball Prices

    While hamster balls are fairly basic and frankly no more than plastic shaped in a hollow sphere, there are a few things that can affect their price.

    • In-Store vs. Online: As mentioned in the previous section, you can generally get better deals online, but buying in-store allows you to touch and explore your different options up close.
    • Size: The size of the hamster ball is one of the biggest factors when it comes to price. Bigger balls mean more materials and plastic, which means a higher cost to build that’s passed on to you. But don’t skimp out and go for a smaller ball if you hamster needs a larger one because it can cause them to become stressed and anxious.
    • Features: While there’s not a ton of room for hamster balls to contain a wide variety of features, there are a few that can increase the cost. The most notable features you might find are decorative lights and odd designs for the ball, including one designed like a car.
    Hamster ball prices

    While hamster balls will generally cost between $8 and $20, the difference in price generally depends on where you’re buying, the size, and any additional features you want your furry friend to have.

    How Big of a Hamster Ball Do I Need?

    The most important thing to remember when getting a hamster ball is to get the right size.

    If the ball is too small, your hamster can feel stuck and become stressed or anxious. Conversely, a hamster ball that’s too large will be too hard for them to easily move around.

    Here are the ideal sizes for your hamster depending on the breed:

    Hamster BreedHamster Ball Size
    Syrian8 – 12 inches
    Dwarf7 – 10 inches
    Roborovski 5 – 8 inches
    Chinese5 – 8 inches
    How big should a hamster ball be

    Easy, right? The bigger breeds like Syrian and Dwarf hamsters, will require the bigger hamster balls, while the smaller breeds like Roborovski and Chinese need the smaller balls that they can easily push around.

    Here’s some more information on hamster balls and everything you need to know:

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked questions
    How long should hamsters spend in their ball?

    Hamsters should spend no more than 15 – 30 minutes in their ball each play session. If you notice they’ve stopped moving, then it’s time to take them out and put them back in their cage.

    How much is a hamster ball at PetCo?

    A hamster ball at PetCo costs anywhere from $6 to $20.

    Do hamsters need a ball?

    Yes, hamsters should have a ball to get plenty of exercise and exposure outside of their cage in a safe environment. Hamsters are naturally curious animals and giving them free range to explore is important to their overall well-being.

    Are hamster balls a good idea?

    Yes, hamster balls are a great idea for your furry friend to get plenty of exercise and explore their surroundings while safely protected.


    And there you have it! Hamster balls are a great option for your furry friend because they provide plenty of exercise and pique their naturally curious minds in a safe way.

    Hamster balls can be purchased wherever you get their other supplies, such as food or bedding and you can expect to pay anywhere between $8 and $20.

    Just make sure to get the right size for your hamster so they can feel safe and comfortable while exploring your home or the outdoors in their ball.